Bambi is a whitetail fawn who is from the 1942 classic film, Bambi. And in 2006, Bambi II was released. Both are good movies. In the Nightfall franchise, the beginning of Bambi's story is roughly the same, only Darkness the Hedgehog takes the Great Prince of the Forest's place in these fictional stories. Bambi is a sweet and yet shy fawn, also a strong Christian, though he wasn't like that before. He has a mate named Faline and his ex-rival Ronno works alongside him in various tasks.

Before Nightfall 0.5: Before the Legend StruckEdit

His story in Bambi 1 and 2 are roughly the same, only Darkness the Hedgehog takes his father's place. After having two kids and becoming the new Great Prince of the Forest, Darkness decided to make Faline, Ronno, Thumper, Flower, and him into kids again. He liked them as kids, and he did so with his De-Ager device. They did various tasks to defend the universe. Then one day, Thumper, Flower and his kids, Geno and Gurri mysteriously disappeared. Causing Bambi to break down. Even after that, they continued to defend the universe from Xena the Hedgehog.

In Nightfall 0.5: Before the Legend StruckEdit

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