Rudolph's a friendly and supportive reindeer for his friends, always willing to help those out in need. He's a strong Christian and he wants to really put The Word out. He has a doefriend named Zoey and he has many other friends.


As a young reindeer, born with a red nose, his father Blitzen was always embarrassed by his son's nose. As the reindeer's life went on, the reindeer was constantly laughed at and bullied by Arrow. Only Zoey didn't make fun of or even mock his nose. After the reindeer games, he ran off and met Slyly in a cave and Leonard eventually. When Zoey was kidnapped by Stormella they went out to go get her, but Slyly stayed behind. While on the mission Rudolph and Leonard were captured by Stormella, and then after a song she went to go unleash the storm. Slyly eventually reaches them and gets them out of the cell. As they tried to escape from the castle, they were cornered by Stormella. Stormella chooses to freeze Zoey first, but Rudolph jumped in the way and blinded the snow witch with his nose. She almost fell of a cliff, and Rudolph along with Slyly, Zoey, Leonard, Ridley, and the snow wolves managed to pull Stormella up before she fell off the cliff. And then Rudolph is granted a wish and he wishes for Stormella to be nice, after some protests Stormella grants his wish. Although she's nice, she's unable to stop the storm she created. As they make their way home, they're picked up by Boone and Doggle. When they reached the village Santa caught sight of Rudolph's bright nose and lets him decide to guide his sleigh in the storm. After successfully guiding through the storm, it turns out to be a Merry Christmas, and Rudolph gave a scarf to Leonard while he gave the teddy bear to Slyly. And then everyone, including Stormella, sings "Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer" as a great Christmas turns out.

In Nightfall: The Legend is RealEdit

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