The Kaftar!

As a creature on Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011, he's different in this wiki. He's a werehyena, half man, half beast, he stands up like a man. He's strong and hard to kill. He also appears in the spin-off Kung Fu Nightfall.

The LegendEdit

As a shapeshifter, he's known as the 'Nightfall Creature' an old African legend believed to be over 4,000 years old. He's terrorized the African people and is widely known across the globe. But his true past is yet to be shown.

In Nightfall: The Legend is RealEdit

Coming soon!

In Nightfall 2: The Legend is BackEdit

Coming soon!

It's noted that the Kaftar wears black pants with a spiked belt in the second story and from there on.

In Nightfall 3: The Legend is VengefulEdit

Coming soon!

In Nightfall 4: The Legend is at its DarkestEdit

Coming soon!

In Nightfall 0.5: Before the Legend StruckEdit

Coming soon!

In Nightfall 5: After the Legend StruckEdit

Coming soon!

In Kung Fu NightfallEdit

Coming soon!

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